Spotlight until 11/9/2017 AMELIA, RHO GAMMA (RECRUITMENT GUIDE)

As a woman in EWU's Greek Community I feel so privileged to have the experiences and opportunities that have been provided to me. Joining a chapter in our community means joining a sisterhood in more than one sense. Not only are you being welcomed into a sisterhood by the chapter you call home, you're joining a sisterhood that includes each and every Greek woman on this campus. You belong to something much bigger than yourself and are provided an incredible amount of opportunities to connect with each other, to grow together and to empower each other. Truly there is no better way to grow as a college student because your sisters will motivate you to be your best self, to put yourself out there and try new things, to work your hardest in school and to continue to grow as an individual. Thanks to my sisters, I've been offered jobs in the locations they work, I've been pushed to do better in school, I've learned what it means to be strong and independent and I've been encouraged to chase my dreams. As I go into my senior year I can honestly say that being a part of our Panhellenic community has been my best decision in college, and the successes I've had this far are all thanks to the experiences I've had as a member of this community. My wish for any woman attending EWU is that they would sign up for recruitment and give themselves the wonderful opportunity to experience all that I've been lucky enough to experience and then some!


Recruitment is a jumble of emotions! Exciting when you meet new women, both in chapters and those you go through recruitment with. It's intimidating searching for the chapter you will call home and the women you will call sisters. It's thrilling after you walk out of a house when you have talked to a woman you absolutely adore.  If you’re anything like me, it's also confusing because you will have to decide between houses that you love. It’s a time to open your heart and mind to all of the possibilities and let them lead you to a chapter you will run home to. But the biggest reason to join this Greek community is the women that it is made up of. You will meet women who inspire you, who help you grow, encourage you to be your best self, that will always support you. That’s why I joined this community and why I urge you to do the same!


Being a farm kid from a small town, I never imagined myself as a sorority woman. In fact, the only reason I signed up for recruitment was to be moral support for a friend. As I move into my senior year, I have reflected on my years spent and many memories made in the Greek community. It has been an incredible experience, one that has helped me grow as an individual and one that has helped me to find a community of friends at EWU. It was a decision I never thought that I would make, but one that I am beyond happy that I did.


Coming into college, I had no idea what a sorority even was, let alone that Eastern had a Greek community. During fall and winter quarters, I met and had classes with numerous sorority women and got introduced and involved with the community just a little bit more each day. While I was friends with many women in various chapters, I finally came to the conclusion I wanted to become fully involved and join a sorority! So, that spring quarter a former member of my chapter reached out to me about informal recruitment! 
Recruitment and sorority life are nothing like you could ever imagine. There are so many experiences waiting and doors open that you never thought could. I always tell my friends to take every opportunity that they can and this is no different. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Greek life isn't perfect. You won't become best friends with every girl in your chapter on bid day. That's an impossible expectation. However, you will be presented with opportunities and life experiences that will influence the rest of your life. You will create memories that will follow you for not only the rest of your college career, but for your entire life. These connections, friendships, and experiences you'll have throughout your time in a sorority are truly indescribable.


317 College Ave

October 4th, 2016 12-3 | $3





Join the Panhellenic Community in supporting education for women and girls around the globe! On September 24, Panhellenic will be hosting an Obstacle Run on the Intramural Fields. Sign up today for a fee of only $15! All proceeds will benefit the Circle of Sisterhood. Learn more at



9/23 306 College Ave, 2pm-8pm, $5

Come support Arthritis Research! 

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students are eligible to join fall quarter through informal recruitment. Informal recruitment will be scheduled by the chapter recruitment chairs and will take place at their own convenience. There is no recruitment fee for informal recruitment. If that is something you qualify for and are interested in, please fill out the form on this link and we will get in contact with you for more information. INFORMAL RECRUITMENT HAS CLOSED! PLEASE SIGN UP FOR FORMAL RECRUITMENT AT EWU.MYCAMPUSDIRECTOR2.COM