Welcome to the EWU Greek Community!  

We are happy your daughter is considering joining a sorority and we encourage you to research our community and find out how we live our values. EWU is a diverse university with virtually unlimited choices and opportunities for your daughter. The Greek community offers academic support as well as activities outside her lecture halls. We hope your daughter will consider sorority membership! It's a decision that many have made and has had a positive impact on hundreds of lives at EWU.  Sororities strive to achieve the greatest potential from each individual member. We encourage academic success, community involvement, and lifelong friendship. In choosing EWU and its Greek Community, your daughter is choosing an outstanding university and joining and incredible community within Cheney.

We encourage parents to be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking  your daughter questions as she meets new women through the  formal and informal recruitment process. If your daughter decides that sorority life is not for her, every chapter has a simple resignation process or she can easily resign from formal recruitment. We encourage women give sororities a chance, we think it's the best decision a woman can make during her time at EWU. Also, be an active parent during your child's years in a sorority. Chapters host events such as parent's weekend, mom's day, or dad's day events. These are just a few more ways in which you can remain supportive of your child's growth from freshman year and beyond. Please visit our FAQ page if you have specific questions, and we hope to see your daughter go through the recruitment process!  

We encourage you and your daughter to check out the EWU Sorority and Fraternity site on the official EWU website  for an overview of our entire community.

2018-19 Recruitment Guide (includes financial breakdown)

Check out what your daughter has to look forward to in the testimonials below:

"Being apart of Alpha Omicron Pi is being silly and knowing it is ok. It is constant love and acceptance. AOΠ has shown me that I can be independent while also having amazing sisters who lift me up. My college experience would not have been the same had I not make the decision to join the EWU Greek Community. Alpha love! ❤️"

"My sorority has brought so much happiness to my life. I have a phenomenal support system & true + constant friends. I have found the confidence I never thought I would have. Gamma Phi Beta has changed my life for the better 💕"

"I met a few of my best friends now days because of EWU's greek life and I have never been happier. If you are planning on going to a university with a greek system, don't think about it twice. The greek community has given me a home away from home, and a safe haven. Thank you to ALL the amazing ladies I get to be with for the next 3 years. I cannot wait for many more adventures being an Alpha Phi."

"Joining my sorority Gamma Phi Beta, was the best decision I could have made. It has already turned my entire college experience into something I can't even explain. I will always have my sorority sisters to support me, and I can't thank this amazing organization and the women in it enough."