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We understand sorority life is new and exciting, but also it can come with lots of new information that may be confusing. Here's some of our most common questions we get as a council! 

Who is eligible to register for recruitment?

Any EWU undergraduate woman can sign up for formal recruitment. Recruitment will take place January 9th-13th, 2020. 

What if it's my first year at EWU, but have a sophomore or junior standing by college credits? (If you were enrolled in Running Start or AP/IB programs)

Good question! Women in this situation are allowed to sign up for informal recruitment in the fall, so they can join a chapter within the first few weeks of school. However, we do strongly advise against it because we would like women who are new to EWU to have time to adjust to campus life. University life is new and exciting and does take time to adjust to if you haven't had previous exposure to it. Formal recruitment is your only opportunity to visit all four chapters on campus, so we advise that new EWU women wait until January to get a feel for all chapters as well as the campus. If you are transferring from another university, you can register for either recruitments! (Please note that the informal recruitment process has closed for Fall Quarter 2016 and Formal Recruitment has ended, stay tuned for Spring informal recruitment!)

Why should I participate in Formal Recruitment as opposed to Informal Recruitment in the fall?

Formal Recruitment is the only opportunity to visit all of the organizations that we have on our campus. It is a more structured process. Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to go through informal in the fall and visit chapters, but they are also welcome to participate in the formal recruitment process as well. No freshman women are allowed to go through informal recruitment their first fall at EWU. (Please note that the informal recruitment process has closed for Fall Quarter 2016 and Formal Recruitment has passed,  stay tuned for Spring informal recruitment!)

How much of a time commitment is being in a sorority?

Just like any other organization, membership in a sorority does have commitments. However, it is very common for sorority members to work, participate in University athletics, and volunteer for the community throughout the academic year. It is expected that sorority members will participate in certain chapter activities and meet financial obligations. Typically the minimum weekly time commitment is a weekly chapter meeting. But we like to say that "You get out what you put in." So we encourage members to take positions, volunteer as a Rho Gamma, and much more!

What is the average cost of joining a sorority and what does it cover?

Costs depend on each chapter. Prices per quarter range from around $200-$400. Many chapters offer financial plans in order to spread out costs of joining. Many members pay dues by themselves without assistance. Find financial breakdowns for each chapter here.

Do I have to live in the chapter house my first year?

Our community does not require that you live in chapter facilities your first year. If there are spots available, you are more than welcome to move into your chapter house. EWU does require freshman to live on campus in order to get fully acclimated to campus life and will not let students break residence halls leases in order to move into Greek housing. 

Can I participate in Formal Recruitment even if I’m not a freshman?

Typically we see ¾ of the women registered for recruitment are freshmen, which means that the other ¼ is made up of sophomores and juniors. Class standing will not affect any woman's opportunities in joining a chapter. Chapters accept members from all class standings. We do encourage sophomores and older to go through informal recruitment first, since you will be able to be involved sooner! (Please note that the informal and formal recruitment process has closed, stay tuned for Spring informal recruitment!)

Is there a required GPA to go through Recruitment?

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) does not allow individual collegiate Panhellenic sororities to set a minimum GPA for potential members to participate in Recruitment. We do encourage women to have at least a 2.8 GPA before participating in recruitment since sorority chapters set high academic standards, but GPA will not be the only factor considered of women going through recruitment. For formal recruitment, grades will be based on Fall Quarter GPA. 

Am I guaranteed to receive a bid through Formal Recruitment?

Although Formal Recruitment is not a guaranteed process, our campus typically has a high rate of bid acceptances. We encourage you to be yourself with sorority members and talk about your values in order to find the chapter that is the best fit for you. 

Will I be hazed?

Our campus has a strict zero tolerance policy for hazing. If you do feel uncomfortable at any time there are plenty of resources you can reach out to and contact. Each sorority, nationally and internationally, complies with anti-hazing laws. If hazing is reported, it is taken seriously and investigated by various councils at our university and handled appropriately. Hazing is illegal in the state of Washington. 


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